Thursday, February 28, 2008

zenith: alpha

zenith: alpha
evoking new traditions

I witnessed a whirlwind of winter,
tornadoes composed of snowflakes,
each one dancing deliciously.

Change is coming, slowly evolving...

Structure is not my appetite.
Give me cucumbers and crackers,
and then it'll be alright.

but force my feet to touch the ground,
and there's nothing but blank stares
at the screen.

they surrounded me with smiles,
and yet my bottom lip sticks out -
what is this pouting about?

time for smiles, not growls.
embrace the intangible.

yes, this is juicysweet.
this is melt-on-tongue.
this is adventure.
this is a rare bird.

this is what life is

by Bethany Lee